Betty White Naked Pictures

“Golden Girls” star Betty White’s nude pictures have leaked to the internet. No one knows for sure where these Betty White naked pictures came from, but I bet Betty was sexting with them. Sexting is a major problem in the heathen West. Girls of all ages send explicit messages and photos to try and entrap ..

Joe Jonas And Betty White Are Dating

Sources have confirmed that teen heartthrob Joe Jonas is dating Betty White. Joe Jonas and Betty White were spotted getting cozy while having dinner at 4:30pm at a Cracker Barrel in Palm Springs. According to an eye witness “They seemed really into each other. Betty was rubbing her wool stockings up and down Joe’s leg, ..

Betty White Is The Universe’s Last Hope

According to the prophecy foretold in the holy Qur’an, “at the end of times a woman of gold will defeat the forces of darkness”. With the death of Rue McClanahan that leaves just one “Golden Girl” left, Betty White. Betty White is the universe’s last hope against the evil shape shifting Jewish Zionist cabal that ..

‘Golden Girl’ Rue McClanahan Assassinated by Al Qaeda Operatives

“Golden Girls” star Rue McClanahan has died, leaving Betty White as the last “Golden Girl” standing. We here at would like to congratulate Betty on her achievement, but we warn her to tread lightly. She could be next! The mainstream press will tell you that Rue McClanahan died of a massive stroke. But we ..

Betty White Day: 80 is the New 20

Today is No Megan Fox Day, because frankly she is an overexposed annoying twit. To celebrate the Internet has decided to promote a truly exceptional woman who really does not get the publicity she deserves. That’s right you guessed it, today is now officially Betty White Day! So step aside Megan because today 80 is ..