Eliza Dushku Nude Sex Scene From “Banshee”

Eliza Dushku Nude Sex Scene From “Banshee”

Eliza Dushku shows off her nude ass in the sex scene video above from the hit Starz series “Banshee”. Eliza has always been considered to be just the poor man’s Jessica Alba, so it is no wonder that she never really found much success in heathen Hollywood. Unfortunately for Eliza waiting until she is an ..

Eliza Dushku In Complex Magazine

Here are the Eliza Dushku’s pictures from Complex Magazine. These photos of Eliza look like they were taken in the 70’s, at a house that they film porn in. So needless to say there is an added sexiness factor to them. Now if they would just release the pics of Eliza Dushku’s lush bush getting ..

Dog Sniffs Eliza Dushku’s Snatch

Maybe Eliza Dushku should try being Eliza Doucheku. Zing! But seriously, the dog just heard that that is were a lot of bones get buried