Kesha Cleans Up Nice For Instagram

Kesha Cleans Up Nice For Instagram

Serving as a host to numerous parasites is finally paying off for pop singer Kesha, as she actually looks someone fit in these new pictures from her Instagram. Clearly the various tapeworms and vaginal weebles that are eating away at Kesha’s flesh have done wonders for her figure, as she actually now appears to have ..

Ke$ha Sucking Balls Pic Leaked

Ke$ha Sucking Balls Pic Leaked

Usually when someone says that “Ke$ha sucks balls” they aren’t being literal. However, according to the photo above leaked by her ex, Ke$ha sucks balls both in and out of the recording studio. A fugly talentless skank like Ke$ha could never have made a music career for herself without her slutty mouth and tongue becoming ..

Video: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, And Ke$ha Team Up For New Single

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha have formed a “dream team” of slutty pop songstresses for a new single called “I Love You”. Each pop star contributes a verse to the new song, and frankly it is the best work any of them have ever done. As you can see in the video below these ..

What Ke$ha Sounds Like Without Auto-Tune

We have obtained a recording of what the pop-star and she-beast Ke$ha’s singing voice sounds like without the aid of auto-tune. There really is no apt description for Ke$ha’s voice. The closest I could come to describing it would be that she sounds like a flaming homosexual trying to do a New York accent while ..

Ke$ha Is An American Sex Symbol

Pop star and American sex symbol Ke$ha emerged from the ocean yesterday in what heathens believe to be a “sexy” swimsuit. As Muslims it is hard for us to understand the degenerate American aesthetic, which has been molded by years of reality television and alcohol abuse. Unlike Americans we like our women to have large ..

Ke$ha Now Islam’s #1 Target

Fellow Jihad loyalists, this is a call to take action against the single biggest threat to not only to Islam, but to all of humanity. They call her “Ke$ha”. She has no political agenda, and while she may be only slightly more Godless than the other whores that infest the music industry, this swamp creature ..

Ke$ha Covered In Cum Pic Leaked

We have just received this exclusive picture of pop star Ke$ha covered in cum. The picture was leaked to the Internet by someone named “DJ Stolen”. We don’t like to speculate but this photo appears to be taken during Ke$ha’s audition for her record label. How else could you explain someone with absolutely no musical ..