Miranda Kerr Topless at the Beach

Miranda Kerr is a beautiful Victoria Secret model, but she is probably best known as the place where Orlando Bloom parks his manhood. Why a beauty like Miranda is wasting her feminine wiles on a man like Orlando Bloom is beyond me. As evident from his “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies Orlando is incapable of ..

Emma Watson Topless – Real or Fake?

This topless pic of Emma Watson was posted online by someone claiming to be her ex-boyfriend. It looks pretty real to me. What do you Photoshop experts think?

Topless Pictures of Megan Fox

Here are some pics of a topless Megan Fox from the set of her new movie “Jennifer’s Body”. From what I can tell from these pics of Megan, “Jennifer’s Body” is about a hot girl who frolics around topless in a lake. However, and this is were it gets interesting, this hot girl does not ..