Sarah Shahi Nude Cell Phone Photos Leaked

Sarah Shahi Nude Cell Phone Photos Leaked

“Person of Interest” and “Chicago Fire” star Sarah Shahi just had the nude cell phone photos below leaked online. Though Sarah Shahi is of Muslim ancestry (with her father being a descendent of a 19th century Iranian Shah) she is obviously not a Muslim woman, as is evident from these shamefully immoral nude photos, and ..

Sarah Shahi Boob Massage Video

Hollywood is littered with weak-willed Christian girls who compromised their morality in the name of fame. That is why it is so refreshing to see a Muslim actress like Sarah Shahi succeed were those Christ lovers have failed. Just take this gif of Sarah Shahi getting her boobs massaged from a TSA instructional film she ..

Sarah Shahi Naked Twitter Pic

Muslim actress Sarah Shahi recently Twittered the above naked picture of herself, and I must applaud her for beating the Zionist whores in Hollywood at their own game. Normally I’d chastise and stone a woman for showing even close to this much skin, but I am definitely willing to give Sarah Shahi a pass because ..

Sarah Shahi Shows Kuffars How To Be Classy

Sarah Shahi is a model and actress, but more importantly she is Iranian and a proper Muslim woman. Unlike the whores that infest Hollywood, Sarah Shahi has been able to carve out a nice career for herself without prostituting her body for the profit of Zionists. Take these photos of Sarah in Esquire magazine for ..