Taylor Swift Parties With Nazis

Blond hair Aryan super race beauty Taylor Swift partied with a Nazi at Katy Perry’s birthday paint party this weekend. As you can see in the photo above the guy dancing with Taylor has a giant swastika painted on his shirt. According to Swift, “There ain’t no party like a Nazi party, because a Nazi ..

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Platinum Track Listing

Taylor Swift’s Fearless Platinum Edition will be available today Monday, October 26, rather than the original release date of October 27! What’s more, her label has announced the track listing for the CD/DVD set. Check out below for the track list info: Deep Dicking (Balls Deep Remix) Cunt Hungry 2 In The Front 1 ..

Taylor Swift Nip Slip

Look at this Taylor Swift nip slip photo. I can not believe Taylor would do something like this! Taylor Swift wore a dress that has her nipples just hanging out. I know she is tall, but did she ever even consider that she may walk by a giant, and that he would be able to ..

Kanye West Taylor Swift Controversy Staged

Was Kanye West interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs staged? It turns out both artists have the same agent, David Wirtschafter. Not only that but David Wirtschafter is also 50 Cents agent. If you remember, a year ago there was a beef between 50 Cent and Kanye West right before their albums dropped. ..

Kanye West “Taylor Swift Doesn’t Care About Black People”

Taylor Swift owes Kanye West an apology. Last night at the MTV Video Music Awards Taylor Swift was given Beyonce’s award for “Best Female Video”, and refused to acknowledge the mistake. Courageously Kanye West jumped on stage and heroically wrestled the mic away from the 19-year-old hellcat. Kanye decried MTV’s horrible mistake saying, “Beyonce had ..