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Emily Ratajkowski Nude Out On A Balcony

Emily Ratajkowski nude

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski brazenly exposes her sinful nude female body to the world while out on a balcony in the photo above and below.

Emily Ratajkowski nude

The only time us pious Muslims want to see Emily Ratajkowski out on a balcony is if she is finally ready to toss herself off of it. For the life of a wanton Jezebel like Emily is empty, and if us righteous Muslims have anything to say about it, brief.

Yes one day soon Emily will come to the realization that her existence is devoid of meaning, and that she has squandered her Allah given talents prostituting herself for the Zionist entertainment industry instead of in the harems of us virile Muslim men. When Emily comes to terms with this and the crippling despair and depression sets in, let us hope that she does the honorable thing and takes her own life (preferably by wearing a martyr vest to a pop star’s concert) instead of succumbing to militant new wave feminism like so many other dried-up old whores.