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Taylor Swift Keeping Busy Laying Around Naked

Taylor Swift naked

Taylor Swift has taken a step back from the spotlight in recent months, leaving some to speculate that this is a calculated move to avoid media over-saturation between albums. However as you can see in the photos above and below, the true reason for Taylor’s retreat from the public eye is that she has been consumed with laying around her apartment completely naked.

Taylor Swift naked

Yes like all women with sinfully unshorn sin slits Taylor Swift is in a constant state of sexual arousal, and finds clothing to be a cumbersome annoyance as she needs to be able to finger blast her moist overactive orifices at all times.

With Taylor being so obsessed with fondling her naked body, her Zionist record producers are no doubt worried that she will not be able to make it into the recording studio to crap out another album of shitty pop hits thus costing them many shekels. Unfortunately for these greedy Christ killers the only way to fully satiate Taylor’s ravenous cock cave is to feed it a heaping serving of Islamic man meat, but if us Muslims were to agree to provide such a vile service you better that in return we’d expect to be compensated handsomely.