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Taylor Swift In A Skin Tight Nude Bodysuit

Taylor Swift just released the preview video clip above featuring herself in a skin tight nude bodysuit for her new music video “Ready For It?”.

Taylor Swift nude body suit

As you can see from the photo above, this music video depicts a utopian future in which Muslim scientists have finally figured out how to completely remove women’s blasphemous nipples and sin slits (which is something we are certainly ready for). Of course Taylor’s appearance is still not perfect, as her curves are entirely too feminine… In fact they are suspiciously so, leaving one to wonder if Taylor used a body double for this scene.

Taylor Swift naked

Yes the nude photo above is a more realistic portrayal of Taylor Swift’s naked body than the one in this music video. Trust me I would know… For as you can see in the pic below of her naked bent over the hood of my solid platinum Mercedes, Taylor was recently on tour in the Middle East but she wasn’t here to sing any of her horrible songs.. If you catch my drift *wink *wink.

Taylor Swift naked